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Rappers I.Q? also has an Automatic Twitter Notification Feature which will allow you to be Notified each Day(for 100 Days) your Product(s) is being Promoted and that means you don’t necessarily have to Promote Yourself.

Here are some of your Options: If your Audio/Video has Little to No Views, or Twitter Followers, we ask that you choose Option #1: 100 Day Tweet, and Pay the Required Fee or Contact Us about becoming a #RIQVerified Member. #RIQVerified , #RIQPRO Artist disregard this message.

Option 1 : 100 Day Tweet: Recommended.

A Standard Post with 100 day Tweet is $25 Dollars. Your Product will be Posted to the Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Fan Page and the Owners Personal Facebook Page. Your Product will be Tweeted for 100 Days as well. Your Post and Link remain Permanent on the Website for Futher Promotion.

Option 2 :TOP 3 BOXES: Best Option.

To have your Video Featured in 1 of our Top 3 Boxes is $50 Dollars for 1 Week.
This also Includes Everything in Option #1. These Videos Expand the Full With of Website (See Pic Below):
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Our #RIQVERIFIED and #RIQPRO Memberships help Brand your Identity as an Artist
and are Tweeted Year Round and that Means you have Priority access to RappersIQ.com . (See #RIQVerified Post in the Right SideBar of this Page———->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>) Please use CONTACT form below if you are Interested in being #RIQVERIFIED.


The Fee for a Site TakeOver is $100 Dollars for 1 Week. This also Includes Everything in Option #1 and Option #2. Your post and Link remain Permanent on the Website. (See Pic Below):
CSCP2UdUYAAOb4X.png large


ADD Our SITE TAGLINE with Pinned STANDARD POST for an Additional $10 Dollars to promote your Single Mixtape Book Etc. for one Week. (See Pic Above^^^^^^^^^^)


If your Video already went through the 100 Day Tweet you have the choice to have it RECYCLED through This process for an Additional $15 Dollars.

All Payments are to be made by Debit/Credit Card via PAYPAL to RappersIQ@Gmail.com or use PAYPAL Button at the Bottom of this Page unless Otherwise arranged (Western Union etc.):


We Offer Product Placement and Ad Spaces throughout the Website. Please Use CONTACT form below to contact us regarding your needs.
Sample Submitted to Vodka Company. (See Pic Above^^^^^^)

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We also Offer Customized Tweet Services and More:
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