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@POP_A_LOT – 56 Days The #Mixtape

Sep 28th, 2015


Follow Pop-A-Lot on Twitter & Instagram Tracklisting 1. Blowin Bags – Pop-A-Lot 2.Public Housing kitchens – Pop-A-Lot feat Hollywood Mickey 3.Rap n***** – Pop-A-Lot 4.May Mayhem – Pop-A-lot feat Hollywood Mickey x Magneto Dayo 5.Man Down – Hollywood Mickey 6.Narcotics From Mexico – Pop-A-lot feat Hollywood Mickey x NightCrawlerTru 7.56 days – Pop-A-Lot

@9Gotti – #GOTTZILLA #Mixtape

Sep 26th, 2015


The wait is over #GOTTZILLA is here to tare the club up!!!!!!!!!!! this is a classic mixtape. something for everyone. with some baniging production to work ya speakers. tell a friend to tell a friend #GOTTZILLA COMING!!!!!!!! Featured: Lennon John, CREAM, DJ Joe Crunk, Fransisco Rivera & JGB Producer: GoReaLa TuneZ,Blue Jones,JoshuaBeatzz,CashBagBeats &

@itsTOPE – FREE LEMONADE 2 #Instrumentals

Sep 22nd, 2015


FREE LEMONADE 2 by TOPE TOPE returns with the second installment of his instrumental beat tape series FREE LEMONADE. Mostly known for his work behind the mic, and recently for his album BROKE BOY SYNDROME, TOPE steps behind the boards and drops off 20 brand new beats. Having already produced for Planet Asia, Scarub Of […]

@RealArmaniSlim #PhilosopherStoned #Mixtape

Sep 21st, 2015


Philosopher Stoned Skky hi, Polo P, Str3tch,Tef Poe Philosopher Stoned is the second mix tape by paraplegic hip hop artist Skky hi. It’s a collection of thoughts and stories from personal issues like the demons of dealing with having a disability to real life situations that effect us all. Things like love, hate, fear, success […]