About Rappers I.Q?:

Rappers I.Q? is a PRO(motional) Platform for Business (Networking) and Rap. Founded and Trademarked in 2007, Rappers I.Q? Originally started as a Hip Hop Exam and Business Networking Website. Overtime that has changed to Include Business Services, Audio/Video and Identity or Brand Promotion.

Who We Are? What We Do? #RIQ #NYC #University of #Rap:

We have Branded Ourselves the #NYC #University of #Rap because we Tweet your Audio/Video Everday for 100 Days. Sorta like Homework or College. We feel this is a Better System than receiving 100 Views(example) in 1 Day. We believe in Quality Over Quantity. Use our Do It Yourself Feature to Submit Your Music! http://RappersIQ.com/DIYSubmit.

Caution! We Tweet #100Days.

#RIQNYCo. LogoWear

#RIQNYCo. LogoWear is the line of Light Clothing Including SnapBacks, Long and Short Sleeve Tee Shirts, and Long Sleeve Thermals Shirts all Respresenting the Brand and Logo. Visit the #RIQNYCo. Store Here: or via #RIQNYCo. Tab Above to see More and Purchase a SnapBack or Shirt.



Rappers I.Q? was Created to Help Artist all Over Think and Take their Music Business Serious. Hence the Angry Face Logo! Thank You .

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