@SNS_IcyGang “Hip Hop Is Dead Again” #Mixtape #PRO

Icy Gang Music Group Presents – Hip Hop Is Dead…Again

11 Years Ago Nas Ended His Fued With Long Time Rival Jay Z And Signed To Def Jam To Release A Very Controversial Album Titled “Hip Hop Is Dead” Landing Him A Grammy Nomination For Best Rap Album. He Risked His Career Speaking On The Drastic Turn For The Worst He Believed The Hip Hop Culture Was Taking. Now In Mordern Times, Harlem Emcee SNS Gets Deja Vu With Today’s Generation & Decides To Rewrite History WIth The Release Of His Own Version Of The Epic Project Titled “Hip Hop Is Dead…AGAIN” 16 Songs Of Straight Substance. Enjoy!

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