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Lud Foe- Big Tymerz

The time has officially come for Lud Foe to continue what he started on before his terrible car accident that left him in recovery for the past 2 months. With Foe near full recovery, he looks to fuel up the streets once again with a twist to a classic CASH MONEY vibe on the new record titled, “Big Tymers”. Expect his coveted No Hooks flow as he demolishes the record that has fans going absolutely crazy right now. With an XXL nomination under his belt, a recent record with Lil Durk that has flooded the internet/streets and a chart topping project a month back, be on the lookout for the young king out of Chicago who is already being mentioned as the top artist out of the state. Expect some major moves from Lud Foe as his highly anticipated project No Hooks 2 is slated for a release date soon.

Lud Foe
Big Tymers
(Official Single From No Hooks 2)

Official Link: https://soundcloud.com/official_ludfoe/lud-foe-big-tymerz

Instagram: @LudFoe_BoochieGang
Twitter: @Official_LudFoe

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