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Haitian Remo is an expert in matters of taste. He is a connoisseur, who has spent the last five 10 yrs immersed in hip-hop as a tastemaker in this industry. Throughout his journey he has expanded his experience in blogging/writing, brand development, distribution and digital marketing. Haitian Remo has recently become a hud for interviews, photos news that is music-related. Its purpose to keep viewers informed of the indie hip-hop spectrum. This young man has made a simple hobby into a lifelong dream.


In high school, Remo spent majority of his free time searching through hip hop blogs & magazines. While being apart of a group himself he keep up with the latest music, hip-hop trends, and related news. Remo’s interest sparked lots of attention. Whenever his friends needed their ipods or phones updated they would come to him. If wasn’t long before Remo started working alongside DJ Wats & Young Amsterdam creating networks of their own. They knew that if they could help each other while helping individuals progress sharing their love for hip-hop the rest would snowball effect. Gregory Florival, a friend & former high school classmate of Remo, was inspired by his progress. Remo shared a lot of his interest with friends. “Remo always brought his own music to parties, wrote songs & influenced his peers making pretty good impressions on everyone.”

Working through various avenues of media Haitian Remo prefers to take things one step at a time. He is entirely confident that his future holds greats things & many individuals in his shoes would have been satisfied along time ago. Haitian Remo is no where near where he wants to be. Media & music is his life & the possibilities are endless.

OPM Streams • Interstatemafia Distro & Management * Book @KingChrysace @KDot_hs @PilotClubJaguar @TheRealTajMahal & @YoungAmsterdam music4bakery@gmail.com
Brooklyn, NY



Twitter: HaitianRemo

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